History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our five generations of funeral service began in 1906, when S.C. Howe, a farmer and minister, bought the hardware, furniture and undertaking store in Truro, Iowa. In 1919, S.C. sold the business to his son-in-law, W.D. Kale and it became known as Howe & Kale Hardware, Furniture and Undertaking. In 1927, W.D. built a new store on the south side of main street in Truro that included a selection room for caskets. The building was later remodeled to incorporate both a preparation and selection room and a visitation room for loved ones to lie in state.

As the funeral business expanded, the family home became the Kale Funeral Home in Truro, which is still in existence at the same location today. The business was operated by W.D. Kale and his son Loren E. Kale until W.D.’s death in 1947. Loren operated the Kale Funeral Home in Truro until his death in 1964.

Following Loren’s death, his son Denis attended mortuary school and returned to operate the family business as the fourth generation.

In addition to Truro, Denis began to work for the Webster Funeral Home in Osceola in 1968. He and his wife Sandra purchased the Webster Funeral Home in 1970 and now operate both locations under the Kale Funeral Home name.

The fifth generation of Kale’s in funeral service is with the son of Denis and Sandra. Todd Kale became a Funeral Director in 1989 and joined the Kale Funeral Home in 1992 to carry on the five generations of “Family serving Families.”

Continuing The Tradition

Everything in life today is a whirlwind of change except for one thing. Our unwavering commitment to caring, personal service is the same as it was in 1906 with S.C. Howe. We are very proud of our tradition of five generations in funeral service. We believe that our friends and neighbors deserve nothing less than that proud commitment. We are also pleased that we can offer three licensed funeral directors, a Pre-Arrangement Counselor as well as a caring and supportive staff to help those that we serve. 

Our Professional Approach
An individual’s funeral service represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one; the memories you have, the values they projected, and the accomplishments they achieved. The funeral also serves an important part of the grieving process.

There is no typical funeral service. Each family has its own special needs, customs, and traditions. We are committed to helping you create a meaningful service which is the most appropriate for you. Our funeral directors and staff are dedicated to assist you in choosing the music, clothing, flowers, and any other essentials that are right for your needs. No matter what your situation or desire, we are here to help you - before, during and after the funeral service.

Our Valued Staff

Denis L. & Sandra S.  Kale

Denis L. & Sandra S. Kale

In addition to owning and operating Truro, Denis began to work for the Webster Funeral Home in Osceola in 1968. William H. Ridgeway founded Webster Funeral Home in 1866, and upon his retirement in 1899, his son-in-law, Theodore B. Webster operated the business. In 1915, Lester B. Webster, son of Theodore, took over upon the death of his father, and William E. Webster became a partner in 1951. William and his mother, Alice operated the business until 1970, when Denis and his wife, Sandra purchased the business. They now operate both Osceola and Truro locations, under the Kale Funeral Home name. The Webster Funeral Home/Kale Funeral Home has served Clarke County from the present location on South Main since 1929.

Todd  Kale

Todd Kale

Todd, the son of Denis and Sandra Kale, is the fifth generation of Kale’s in funeral service. Todd graduated from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa and also the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in Cincinnati, Ohio. He became a licensed Funeral Director in 1989 while working for Hamilton's Funeral Home in Des Moines, Iowa. Todd joined the Kale Funeral Home in 1992 to carry on the five generations of “Family Serving Families”.

Mark T.  Browne

Mark T. Browne

Mark "Brownie" Browne is a licensed Funeral Director. Mark worked for the Funeral Home in 1984, before attending mortuary school in Dallas, Texas. Brownie worked in New Mexico and Texas from 1986 to 1997, when he returned with his wife and two girls to Iowa to be near family. Mark also worked for Hamilton's Funeral Home in Des Moines until December of 1999 when he returned to Osceola and rejoined our staff.

Carole  Sorensen

Carole Sorensen

Carole longtime resident of Osceola, has recently joined the staff. Carole and her late husband Hank owned and operated the Playland Lanes bowling alley for many years. She joins us a as a Funeral Service Assistant, helping with funerals and visitations. She can often be seen delivering the funeral information store cards to business in the community.

Cheryl McCuddin

Cheryl McCuddin, Administrative Professional

Ed  Buesch

Ed Buesch

Ed has been a lifelong resident of Osceola. He works for the Osceola Sentinel and Tribune. In his off time from the paper he works as a Funeral Service Assistant covering weekends and days off.

Brent Muller

Brent Muller, Funeral Service Assistant

Tim Busby

Tim Busby, Funeral Service Assistant

Jeri Lytton

Jeri Lytton, Funeral Service Assistant